‘Conscious Exotica’ is a 2 screen installation, part of Mer.Maggie Roberts’ exhibition at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth called ‘Uncanny Valley, Difficult Kin’. The term ‘Conscious Exotica’ was coined by Murray Shanahan in 2016. From algorithms to aliens, could humans ever understand minds that are radically unlike our own? Mer is interested in how octopuses and AI are both conscious non-human entities that radically challenge our ability to imagine other kinds of life.

Amazing Lidar scans and animation by Jason Stapleton of Lightfarm

Audio contributions by Justin Allart and Aragorn 23 

Giant Pacific octopus footage by Ranu Mukherjee

Video filming, underwater footage, foley creation and field sound recordings by David van Rensburg

link to video : https://vimeo.com/330237334