What are your rates?

The rate for David and the studio starts at R300 per hour. You are paying for my time to work for you on your project.  If your project has a specific budget please feel  free to discuss this with me and how we can make your project a success.A day at Frankie Congo is a maximum of 10 hours, typically 10 am – 8 pm with a lunch break in the middle.

How do you create your sounds?

I have a studio with many props such as chains, wood panels, wet paper and metal pieces. I record these sounds either as foley or as the source material for sound design.  Most scenarios can be recreated for the sound requirements per scene in the studio. I also go on location trips to record real world sounds.  Transport costs( fuel) is covered by the client.

What type of location recording do you do?

For a sound design or foley project , I record the sounds needed to tell the story of the film from a sound perspective. Sometimes the sound recorded can be used in the music composed for the film. When it comes to recording an artist,  I use a battery powered 5 track recorder to capture your performance away from the studio. If there is power then the track count jumps to 8 with the use of a 4 track mixer.

How long will it take to record an album?

That depends on how prepared you are, how long the album is, how elaborate the production is and how meticulous you are.  My job is to record your music so it’s very important that your songs are well rehearsed beforehand. This saves time and your money. Know the sound you want before you commit to record. It’s your job as the artist to know what your sound is.

Is mixing included in the price?

No. Mixing is the same rate as recording and you need to book time for mixing as well as recording even if you don’t plan to attend mixing. Most album mixes recorded at Frankiecongo take 3-5 days for the full album. Mixing recordings tracked at other studios usually take 1-2 days longer.

Can we master our record at Frankie Congo?

No. While I’m somewhat capable of mastering a record, I feel that it’s important to master your record with different ears in a different room on different equipment and with a dedicated mastering engineer. Recommended mastering engineers are Tim Lengfeld, Kelseymastering and Murray Anderson .

Do you offer internships?

No, not at this time. I do however offer recording workshop opportunities for kids from our local community.

Can we invite some friends to the studio to hang out with us?

If you absolutely have to, keep it to the bare minimum. Frankie Congo  is not a big place and it gets cramped quickly when extra people are around.