The Rode ntg4+ shotgun microphone, wrapped in a Rode blimp and wind sock, worked fantastic doing field recording with the Zoom H6 recorder. It was a field recording strike mission to the World of Birds in Hout Bay . My main task was to record the Hadida’s, aka Ibis, and the sparse chatter of ¬†any birds feeling vocal. It turns out most of them were. The ntg4+ managed to capture exactly what I needed and it was a pleasure working with such a small setup while been able to capture top quality sounds. These sounds are part of the sound design for a commissioned art film to be shown in London and other parts of the world. In the audio file you hear mostly Egyptian geese and the low horn sound of an angry male Black swan. The stars of the show were definitely the crows and the squirrel monkeys. Both creatures were super inquisitive and not afraid of me or the blimp . There was one crow especially who took to “talking” into the mic . These sounds are great for manipulating and using as core elements for sound design. Some thought into using them in tracks would yield unique and very personal song elements.