What sounds oh green grass

After the dance

A friend of mine was working on the pre-production stages of a documentary about Bushmen and their vision of the future. They needed help with the sound but had no budget. Well, what was I to say ? I jumped on board thinking I’d be doing 2nd camera on a tripod and focusing on sound . Once at the location, and figuring out what we were dealing with, I decided it was best for me to do main camera and a friend, Chris, was only happy to do sound. The thing was Chris had never done sound before so the learning curve was going to be steep and quick. Everyday was a spontaneous exercise in what we were going to get, both visually and sonically. Once again I used Panasonic Lumix cameras. We had the GH1 , Gh2 and the Gh3 plus one Gopro 3 hero . I used the Gopro to get a tortoise view as the tortoise is a very important animal for the Bushmen. The week was fun and it ended up with us going to Khayeletisha for a momentous meeting between Bushmen and sangoma. They told stories, sang and danced and fed us with traditional food. Everyone left smiling .