As part of Edge of Wrong 2018: Ectopias. A festival of exploratory music, there is a screening this saturday night( 21/4/18) of ‘MIASMA’  by Maggie Roberts aka Mer. For this project I did video filming , audio field recordings and audio mix.

Developed on the edgelands of Capetown, Maggie Roberts’ new video work ‘Miasma’ combines filmed and animated waterways with various algorithmic processing methods including datamoshing (a form of unpredictable video distortion), Google’s psychedelic DeepDream image generator, and the pulsing laser of a LiDAR 3D scanner. Overseeing the becoming synthetic transformation of these collaged liminal landscapes, an androgynous swamp demon summons the clogging of the waterways and calls forth an entropic ritual breakdown. Miasma was commissioned by Res. and Arts Council of England funded.

Filming was done using a Lumix GH3 which is my camera of choice for shooting in places where you want to blend in as much as possible. The camera is a small DSLR capable of great video so it suited this project very well. For the audio I went and recorded with a Rode NTG4+ and a Zoom H6. When it came to doing the final mix I imported all files into Cakewalk Sonar and created stems for Maggie to use .